Special sale for two Kurtz Airadelics home cockpits. The first is a Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf.109, the second one a Royal Air Force Spitfire (or a Hurricane?).  Kurtz Airadelics’ aim is to build cockpits which are at the same time reasonable cockpit platforms, strong and easy to manage, and objects giving you the impression that a real airplane is just landed in your living-room. Cockpits are not supposed to be the perfect replica of a particular aircraft for the demanding simmer: they are built for all the  lovers of Combat Flight Simulator who want to switch on their PC and pilot without too many complications. A Kurtz Airadelics’ cockpit is a firm support on which you can set up your monitor, your joystick, your throttle and your rudder pedals. You can play sitting inside a likely cabin equipped with bulkheads, formers, a seat and a windscreen formed by little transparent panels.More info on

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